Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Si esta noticia es cierta, puedo decir personalmente y sin exagerar… que estoy sumamente triste.

The end of New Order???

“This might be our last concert ever”. Bassist Peter Hook talks and the show he mentions is the one New Order did last Saturday night in Buenos Aires closing Personal Fest’s main stage. The interview in which Hook confirmed their split -at least temporary- to Página/12 it was given right before the band’s gig, in one of the comfortable dressing rooms in club Ciudad de Buenos Aires, where the festival took place. But before talking to the bassist it was drummer Stephen Morris who throwed the first stone when we reminded him that in 2007 it would be the 30th anniversary of the band, first as Joy Division and then -after Ian Curtis suicide in March 18th 1980- as main characters of the crossover between dance and new wave New Order. The drummer said they didn’t think about anything special for the anniversary: "We’re not very good in making plans. The good thing about when we started in Factory (their first label, which is shown in the 24Hour Party People movie) was that you didn’t have to plan what you were going to do. You could write a song and say "this could be a good single" and then release it two weeks later. You can’t do that anymore, you have to write and record an album... But the truth is that we’re not good planning anything, so I couldn’t say what are we going to do next year".

Pero no exageremos, eso dicen todos…

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