Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Smiths in their own words... I.

El Binomio Morrissey-Marr

"I am capable of looking on the bright side - I just don't do it very often". (Morrissey - Melody Maker 26/09/1987)

About The smiths “Miserablism”
“That’s the classic take isn’t it” he replies “Johnny was upbeat and Morrissey downbeat. Well , it’s way too convenient to think that he was sat in his room drinking chamomile tea while I’m sat in the bar drinking brandies all night. That wasn’t the way it was, our relationship would have been pretty boring if that’s all it had been about”. (Marr – UNCUT, January 2006)

About his partnership with Johnny Marr
I lie a lot - it's really useful... (Morrissey-Star Hits 1987)

“I wasn’t the Only person who used to drive Morrissey about in their car, put that way” –Johnny Marr on being the possible object of affection in There is a Light that Never goes Out- (Marr – UNCUT, January 2006)

“Yeah, absolutely, We both recognized the beauty in Melancholia. We talked about it often, about the difference between depression and melancholia. About how depression was just useless but melancholia was a real emotion and a real place, a creative place that dealt in images and music and creative aspects of the self. Those were the things that we discussed a lot. I would simplify by saying: Yeah, well, you know it’s that feeling where you’ve got your head leaning against the bus window on a November morning with rain coming down, driving through Manchester. That’s what a lot of my songs sounded like because I spent a lot of time doing that. So I think me and Morrissey were coming from that same place. Expressive Melacholia” (Marr – UNCUT, January 2006)

(on The Smiths) "I loved and love Johnny Marr, but I feel tremendous indifference to Andy and Mike". (Morrissey-Q April 1994)

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