Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am the LAW!!

ANTHRAX celebrates its 25th anniversary today (July 18th). Guitarist/founder Scott Ian has issued the following statement via the band's official website:

"25 years since Danny Lilker and I started this band. 25 years. Who does anything for 25 years? And in band years, that's like a thousand years. In all seriousness, its my proudest accomplishment. To still be doing this 25 years down the line at this level is a testament to the strength of the people that love this band. From everyone that's ever been in the band to anyone that's ever taken the time to listen, thank you. Someday I'll write the book and properly give everyone their due, until then raise a glass with me and recite my favorite toast: 'Here's to us and those like us and all the rest are cunts.'"

Scott Ian

Anthrax-Celebrated Summer =Husker Du Cover= (Mp3)
Anthrax-The Bends =Radiohead Cover= (Mp3)
Public Enemy w/ Anthrax-Bring the Noise =Live= (Mp3)

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